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 Christine Mayo was my friend for 25 years, partner for 10 years, wife for 4 years, a devoted artist who in the last years of her life achieved a BA Hons degree in fine art at Carlisle University while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.  In her memory I am including a page of her art on this web site.  Her maiden name was Savage and she signed her work ‘Savi’.   Christine died 9th July 2011.

Redhugh Iron Works

Redhugh Iron Works 12 0 15I have started to review old photographs taken in the 1970′s and 80′s when our studio Photo Mayo Ltd, operating  in the North East of England was specialising in industrial, commercial, advertising photography.  This was a B/W photograph, scanned and worked up in Photoshop to produce an image which retains the ambience of the period, but with the addition of the  colour and graphics, adds excitement and vitality to the picture,  an extra dimension lost in the B/W image.